History of Deer Search Inc.

In 1975 the state of New York issued the first Experimental Scientific Collectors License sanctioning the experiment of using leashed tracking dogs to track wounded big game.

Then in 1978, under research permits from New York’s D.E.C. , Deer Search was organized as the first successful volunteer leashed tracking dog program in North America. While the original methods may have come from Germany, it was Deer Search that proved those methods could be adapted to the needs of New York State. It was the experience, expertise and drive of this organization that led to the passage of New York State Legislation which, under special license, provides for the use of leashed tracking dogs to find wounded big game.

By 1981 with a total membership of 5, the first dog certification tests were held. This test, with minor modifications, is still used today.

In 1983 a recruiting seminar held in Pleasant Valley, NY proved successful by adding 13 new members to our organization.

In 1984 the ground work was begun for the legislation which was passed and signed into law on July 2, 1986. A bill was passed by the New York State Legislature and signed by the Governor. This bill is Section I 1-00928 of the Environmental Conservation Law of the State of New York. This section authorizes the D.E.C. to license handlers to use leashed tracking dogs on essentially the same basis as during the experiment.

As the DSI concept spread through national publications, interest grew in several different areas. Western New York became a hot spot with many new members. In the fall of 1992 the western New York members requested the formation of a separate chapter and at the April 1993 meeting the division took place creating two separate DSI chapters.

Clary von Moosbach

The first Deer Search dog, was a distinguished blood tracker who could do many other things.

She never confused one task with another.

Donald Hickman with Addie.

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