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What We Do Blood Tracking

Sometimes there is not enough blood or other signs of a wounded animal to permit the hunter to track and find the game by eye. This may be due to rain or snow or because the bleeding is internal. This is when we use specially trained dogs for Blood Tracking. Along with the scent of blood the dog actually picks up many other scents from the wounded animal. In New York State, and in a few other states where this approach has been legalized, special licenses are issued to use leashed tracking dogs for finding wounded deer and bear. Deer Search handlers go out on a volunteer basis with hunters who call our dispatcher. We are the hunter’s last resort.


We offer informative slide talks to hunter training programs and to hunting clubs in which we stress hunter techniques to avoid wounding or losing deer and bear. We share our field experiences in tracking wounded animals with fellow hunters, and this makes it easier for them to see how things can go wrong. The best solution is always to kill the game cleanly so that the tracking dog is not needed.

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