A wounded trophy: Every hunter’s nightmare
by John Gereau
Valley News,
January 2007

Passages of a Well Seasoned Hunter and a Little Rooky Dog
by Kevin Armstrong
Full Draw,

Recovering Lost Game
by Bill Voegelin
New York State Conservationist,
October 2000

Group in dogged pursuit of lost game
by Rob Streeter
Times Union,
November 9, 2000


Dogs and Deer
by C.J. Winand
December-January 2000

Searching for ‘deer dogs’ and volunteers
by Will Elliott
NY Outdoor Times,
June 1999

After the Shot, DogsCan Aid In Finding Deer
by Richard P. Smith
Michigan Out-of-Doors,
November 1998

The Dachshunds of Deer Search
by Mary Allen
November 1995

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